Every new 4G camera from icuserver comes with 4,000 COINs for free!

ICUapp - Revierüberwachung von der Couch


Simply smarter

Hunting is a passion.

Most important are the pictures - the icuapp does not need any complex settings, but can be used right after unpacking the camera! 

With the innovative icuapp you can view your photos directly on your smartphone. If one of your cameras triggers, you will be notified directly and can follow the movement in the hunting ground almost in real time. With icuapp you will not miss anything in your hunting ground anymore. Already in the morning after getting up you can see with one click what was going on in the forest or at the field at night. 

Thanks to the innovative image recognition, the app immediately indicates what is visible on the photo. This also allows easy sorting of the pictures in the icu-app.  

Rudel Wildschweine bei der Futterstelle - ICUcam

There is nothing easier to do surveillance!

Together with the icutrap surveillance camera and icuapp, you are unbeatable when it comes to surveillance. Due to the direct forwarding of your images, you know within seconds what is happening in front of your camera. You have a weekend home? A boat? Or a fishing hut? With icuapp you can relax and monitor your favourite things from your smartphone.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) images are analyzed and the app recognizes if a car, a human being or just a harmless animal approaches the camera. 

By entering your login data, your new camera is directly connected to the app and you can receive images right from the start. 

Unpack and get started

It’s that easy to monitor a hunting territory or an object away from WiFi networks. icuserver cameras are the ideal tool for various locations.

A reliable solution when it really matters, which informs you immediately and not only retrospecively.


Camera management with iOS/Android icuapp

ICUapp Steuerung - Fotos


  1. Time period
  2. Picture credits (COINs)
  3. Day, number of images, cameras in use
  4. Filter functions
  5. Camera name
  6. Löschfunktion
  7. App Menu
ICUapp Steuerung - Einstellungen


  1. Image transmission on/off
  2. Edit camera name
  3. Signal strength
  4. Storage space (SD Card)
  5. Sharing the camera with other users
  6. Battery indicator
  7. Delete camera
  8. Add more cameras


  1. Email addresses
  2. Recipient addresses of the images
  3. Camera menu
  4. Add more email addresses

The COIN System - Full cost transparency

The icu-COINs form the virtual currency for all devices operated by icuserver.

No expiry date

COINs do not have an expiration date. Once purchased, they can be used indefinitely, unlike common prepaid data volumes: they expire after a certain time.


Account Pooling

Use your COINs for multiple cameras. For example, you have 3 cameras and 2,000 COINs. It does not matter which camera sends the pictures. It is only debited from this account.


Full transparency

You always see the exact number of your COINs and know how many pictures can still be sent. Send M-pictures and L-pictures with higher resolution.


COINs - Costs per transmission
icucam 4 & icucam lite – 4G LTE camera models

1S (small) - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 640 x 320
1M (medium) - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 1.024 x 768
1L (large) - Picture = 2 COINs, resolution: 1.280 x 960

The COINs are available in the store of the icuserver application at enter.icuserver.com zu erweben. Jede Kamera ist bei der Erstanmeldung mit 100 COINs ausgestattet. 


     300 COINs = USD 6.00 (0.02 USD/pic*)
  1,000 COINs = USD 10.00 (0.01 USD/pic*)
  5,000 COINs = USD 45.00 (0.009 USD/pic*)
10,000 COINs = USD 80.00 (0.008 USD/pic*)
20,000 COINs = USD 140.00 (0.007 USD/pic*)

icuserver Premium

Even more functions & comfort with premium offer from icuserver

Full control of your camera:

Change all camera settings remotely using icuapp or the icuweb application. No matter if one or more cameras, you only pay once our Premium package and you can use it for all our products mit Premium nützen.  


Notifications for image recognition

With our intelligent software for automatic image recognition, received images can be pre-selected. Depending on the settings, you will be notified only for selected categories (deer, wild boar, car, human, ...)


More accurate selection:

Image recognition makes it easier to select the images. Display only the categories you want. This saves you from having to view countless images and, if desired, only shows you the images on which a person, an animal or a car is visible.

Time control: 

Manage the times you want your camera to take and send pictures - simply pause the picture sending in the app or in the web application at certain times.